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Buses J Ahumada is an intercity transportation company founded by don Juan Bautista Ahumada Pérez, who started his journey in the transportation industry after buying a second hand bus and decided to start offering services between Santiago and Coelemu, departing from the Terminal Alameda.

Its growth was continuous and allowed them to acquire more used buses to cover the demand and also expand its destinations, opening new routes from Santiago to Concepción and Temuco.

Its quick expansion led to integrating the entire family in the company’s business, managing not only the administrative side of the business but also working as drivers themselves, task they admit have allowed them to have a complete vision of the business, and have made them capable of identifying the common issues of their passengers with the services, know the routes state and also the opinion of all of their clients.

More than 20 years have passed since Buses J Ahumada was born, which is why the company has managed to adapt to the conditions and challenges that the market has developed, seeking always to provide security and protection to their clients. Due to their commitment to offer a quality service and because of the important responsibility that implies to move people, they have modernized its services with last generation buses, up to date with the current norms.

Among their most important destinations we can mention Santiago, Viña del Mar, Río Bueno, Lanco, Temuco and Osorno.

The services of Buses J Ahumada are available on their website and also on, where users can compare the services of more than 50 bus companies online.

infoInformation of Buses J Ahumada

Founding date: 1996
Head office: Comandante Chacón N° 6156, Cerro Navia, Santiago, Chile.
Website’s languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese
Fleet size: 9 buses
Main destinations:
Departures from Santiago:
Teléfono Buses J Ahumada: (56) 2 2776 1701
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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the total number of routes covered by Buses J Ahumada on daily basis?

Buses J Ahumada covers routes (approx.) on daily basis.


What is the shortest and the longest route covered by Buses J Ahumada?


What is the contact details of Buses J Ahumada?

Customer support of Buses J Ahumada is (56) 2 2776 1701


Cancelation process and charges of Buses J Ahumada online tickets?

Users can easily cancel Buses J Ahumada tickets online on Buses J There is a 15% cancelation fees for tickets cancelled within minimum four hours before the scheduled departure. Online tickets can not be cancelled within four hours of scheduled departure.


What is the ticket price of Buses J Ahumada?


What are the main routes of Buses J Ahumada?

Main routes of Buses J Ahumada are following:


Buses J Ahumada site language compatibility?

Buses J Ahumada official site is available in three different languages: Spanish , English , Portuguese
Buses J Ahumada Chile in spanish: -
Buses J Ahumada Chile in english: - No disponible

  • Dirección principal: Comandante Chacón N° 6156, Cerro Navia, Santiago, Chile.
  • Teléfono principal: (56) 2 2776 1701

Agencia Viña del Mar
Calle Valparaíso 1055, Local 10
Viña del Mar,  Valparaíso
See on Google Maps
Agencia Osorno
Errázuriz 1400, Local 10, 11, 1C
Osorno,  Los Lagos
See on Google Maps
Agencia Río Bueno
Esmeralda 1481
Rio Bueno,  Los Ríos
See on Google Maps
Agencia Santiago
Av Libertador Bernardo O'Higgins 3850, Local 116, 64
Santiago,  Región Metropolitana
See on Google Maps
Agencia Santiago
Comandante Chacón 6156
Santiago,  Región Metropolitana
See on Google Maps

According to the outcome of the nacional inspection program carried out by the Subsecretaría de Transporte during the second semester of 2019, period in which they were inspected 5 times, Buses J Ahumada obtained only one infraction.

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