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Located in the southern zone of Chile, Punta Arenas is the capital of the Province of Magallanes, in the Region of Magallanes and the Chilean Antarctic. "Saint Point", as it was called by the first English settlers, was founded in 1848 as the main seat of the Territory of Magellan.

The climate of Punta Arenas is semi-arid, characterized by rainfall that is distributed evenly throughout the year, and with snow during winter, this climate is known as cold steppe. Summers are cold, although at times the temperature can reach 25 ° C, while in winter it ranges between 5 ° C and -1 ° C.

The most important economic activities are port activity, the hydrocarbon industry, services and commerce, followed by livestock, mostly sheep, fishing and forestry. Tourism is an activity that has stimulated the economy of Punta Arenas in recent years, since some cruises depart from there heading to Antarctica. Currently, the city has a wide range of tourist services of all kinds, which includes commerce in the historic center, supermarkets, a mall or shopping center, free trade zone, hotels, restaurants, museums and a gaming casino.

The city council holds the Winter Carnival, where allegorical cars  and murgas are presented, in addition to the election of the carnival queen. The event draws the attention of Argentine tourists who travel from Rio Grande and Ushuaia to visit the city for several days, which generates an interesting commercial and cultural exchange in the city. The show has become the most important festival within the Chilean southern cone and Chilean-Argentine Patagonia.

Among all the places, the Plaza Muñoz Gamero stands out, which was inaugurated in 1920 with the statue in honor of Hernando de Magallanes. The Sara Braun Palace, which is a building from the late nineteenth century, where you can see furniture and architecture of the time, the place was declared a National Monument. The Free Zone is perhaps one of the most important attractions, since there are sold items of all kinds imported tax-free, the area is divided into an area of ​​wholesale stores and a two-level shopping center.

Cerro de la Cruz is an icon located in the center of Punta Arenas, the site is accessed through a paved road, once at the top you can see a panoramic view of the city, its colorful roofs, the majesty of the Strait of Magellan and you can see Tierra del Fuego. Every year Catholic processions are held at Easter, up to its peak and it is recognized worldwide as an iconic place for capturing beautiful images of sunrises and sunsets. For its part, the Hito Mitad de Chile is another attraction in Punta Arenas, located 60 km south of downtown, the monument was raised to indicate the midpoint of Chile, including the continental territory and the Chilean Antarctic territory, from there, there is the same distance to the border with Peru as to the South Pole.

Punta Arenas has a large number of museums, including the Braun Menéndez Regional Museum, the Maggiorino Borgatello Salesian Regional Museum, the Naval and Maritime Museum of Punta Arenas, the Nao Victoria Museum, and finally, the Museum of Remembrance.

It should be noted that Punta Arenas is a mandatory stop for all tourists who go to Torres del Paine, so during the summer, the season with the best accessibility, the city receives many vacationers.

The closest city to Punta Arenas is Puerto Natales, which is 191 km away, and although the territory is inhospitable and remote, Punta Arenas can be accessed through the Punta Arenas Airport or Presidente Carlos Ibáñez del Campo International Airport, which is a public and military airport located 23 kilometers away from the city.

This airport is one of the most important in the Region of Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica, in fact it receives so many passengers annually that for this reason it has three runways, the highest number of runways of all Chilean airports. The travel time between the city and the airport is approximately 20 minutes.

The main land access is through the Panamerican highway number 5 in Chile and route 9 in Argentina, and at we take you to Punta Arenas with the bus companies Buses Barría Ghisoni and Buses Fernández.

But from nearby towns there are also direct trips to Punta Arenas by carpool, or shared car, which is another travel alternative when you are looking to travel comfortably, safely and for less money. With you can access the carpool routes available to Punta Arenas.

Once in Punta Arenas, you can move around by bus, a fairly popular urban transport that covers almost all the internal routes of the town. In you can find the available routes, and pay through the app with any card or in cash.

tipsTips de viaje para Punta Arenas

Pali Aike National Park

Extreme, distant, unique and desolate! This is the amazing Pali Aike National Park. This park has a volcanic landscape, inhospitable caves, and semi-desert vegetation despite being in the rainiest region in all of Chile.

There are many natural beauties here, but the most important natural attraction of all is the Pali Aike Cave dating from the Pleistocene. Traces of a human group that lived in the cave millions of years ago were found in it and that is why it is a historical and archaeological monument. 

Kiosko Roca

Punta Arenas has many activities to do, but before anything else you have to feed up yourself. Let's eat!

Kiosko Roca is the best known point in Punta Arenas, here you will find the traditional choripán from Punta Arenas and milk with banana. This kiosk is between the Plaza de Armas and the waterfront. Find more information about the place here!

Sara Braun Cemetery

Why visit a cemetery? Well, this is not just any cemetery, it is the third most important cemetery in the Magallanes Region! With ostentatious and particularly striking mausoleums, this cemetery has become a fascinating setting to learn about the history of Punta Arenas, and also take good pictures.

Without a doubt, quite an interesting photo shoot! And you, would you go?

Nao Victoria Museum

Along the city's waterfront, we are going to find this fabulous museum. Don't miss it!

These are exact replicas of the ships that arrived to Punta Arenas and colonized these lands. You will even be able to see the amazing ship that Fernando de Magellan used to cross the strait that now bears his name. The entrance to the museum has a general cost of $ 4,000 pesos per person. 


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